Sunday, May 27, 2007

Scientific study

As you've all (hopefully) noticed, after The Random Crap post about decreasing its posting activity Random Crap immidiately -- hooray! -- decreased its activity. This however was NOT an act of laziness.
A month ago I decided to make a scientifical study to see what the effect of laziness would have on a blog, and I came across some interesting, yet totally random and obvious facts!

Random Fact #1: The number of pageviews drops really, really hard. Comparing the two active weeks of April to the whole month of May shows a decrease in pageviews of around 300%. And if I'm really bad at calc -- which I am -- than it could be more.
Random Fact #2: There are still some very awesome people who still visit the blog almost on a daily basis, despite the lack in activity.
Random Fact #3: James -- Are you the new Zealander I think you are? Or are you not a New Zealander and just some random guy who's now very creeped out at me mentioning you?
Random fact #4: Apparantly more sites refer to you when you're inactive than when you're active. (anyone know what 'netvibes' is?)

All of these random facts are nothing without a random conclusion, so I've also randomly concluded the following things:

Random Conclusion #1: If you want a lot of pageviews/readers... don't try out the "not-posting" thing.
Random Conclusion #2: James, -- yes, I really hope it's the real James -- I take back all of my comments on you being lazy, eventhough you kinda are
Random Conclusion #3: If you don't care about how many people read your blog, and just want to randomly make the world a dumber place, you can come back at anytime and make up some fake excuse telling you your absence was all in the name of science.

I did this experiment for more purposes than the ones stated above. In my time of absence I have consumed less energy than I would've normally used and have therefore contributed to saving the world from global warming.
So tell me, what have YOU done while I was gone?