Monday, July 9, 2007

Why Random Crap doesn't use euphemisms

One of the key lessons in life… ALWAYS use euphemisms. (unless you’re in the entertainment business) Obviously since Random Crap is supposed to be hilarious, I usually refrain from using euphemisms. However this has a moral reason aswell.

Being straight to the point

It’s unfair that you would get punished for telling the same as someone who used a euphemism did. Using a less ‘respectful’ word for saying the exact same unrespectful thing, makes you equally big jerks . A small example would be…

“You’re a filthy whore!”

The person obviously doesn’t use a euphemism and adds a ‘filthy’ to describe all of the diseases a prostitute could have.

“You’re a prostitute!”

This person still calls someone a prostitute… but just figures the prostitute knows of her health/personal hygiene state.
So why should the first person get a slap in the face while the second one just gets an angry word? It makes no sense at all!

Always lie

That’s right! People like it when you lie to them. Why else are there so many dumbasses who fall for obvious internet scams? The only explanation is that people don’t like the truth. If you tell them the truth, they’ll be ungrateful/unhappy and won’t bring in a lot of money… So if you wish to form a business… lie to people! Scam them! Fill your pockets with their blood money! And for God sakes… when a fat guy walks into a McDonalds… don’t tell him he’s fat! It could potentially ruin the world’s economy.

Random Crap tells the Truth

I’m always straight to the point… you’ll never find me hiding behind irony or satire to make a statement. I even hate people who use pseudonyms to post on their blog, there’s no bigger lie than lying about your identity. For the record, my name is actually Random T Crap, and I’ve been made fun of a lot because of it…

Anyway, Random Crap's posting activity will be again increased for as much as I can.