Monday, October 15, 2007

50th post... the prospect of the future

Greetings [insert whatever it is I called the lowlifes that read my blog here]!

I know it's been a while, and that I've let you all down... but I have a really valid reason. I hate you. Right now, I see a really big ressemblance between christianity and my blog (and you all know how I feel about religions!):

  1. You all think I rock, while others think I should be stoned to death
  2. You've betrayed me three times already before whatever the damn book said!
  3. I've been gone for ages leaving only a print of retarded dwellings of the mind.
  4. You think those dwellings are the truth and that the second coming will happen.

Well brace yourselfs... for just as Jesus came back as Tom Cruise (they're VERY similar) I again will return in the form of an idiot. An idiot that will advocate his free speech ideas in a way that can only be described as...


All in favor of me starting a random crap site please raise your hands?