Saturday, June 30, 2007

Speedcat Hollydale has been crapped on

For my segment of “I’ve been crapped on” I will review blogs for free in my stupid Random Crap way of reviewing blogs! That’s right, expect no mercy, sympathy or something else that rhymes with “e” from me! More information on how to get your blog reviewed for free can be found here.

This is Random Crap’s first attempt of ridiculing another blog, so I have chosen the blog to make fun of wisely. This time it’s “Speedcat Hollydale Page” ’s turn to be crapped on. You can put every single blog into three categories:

  • Blogs that give obvious helping tips (money blogs etc)
  • Blogs that amuse (I’m pretty much the only one here…)
  • People who whine about their personal lives

On first sight, it seems like Speedcat Hollydale mostly whines about his personal life and hence fits in the third category. This category is usually what we would call “not interesting” or the “please kill me right now” kind of boring.
However, in some cases it actually may be quite interesting, especially if the person is an imprisoned criminal. What is my reasoning behind suspecting Speedcat Hollydale to be a con? First of all, the undeniable fact that he looks like one. Lets just face it people a mustache makes you look more like a criminal, and there’s no need to be annoying about that. But the more conclusive evidence is the following: Remember when someone couldn’t access my site due to being blocked by the windows parental control filter? This person was in fact mister Speedcat Hollydale. And apart from school kids, the only other people which have the windows safety filter on are criminals!

So tell me Mister Speedcat, how did you pull it off to get those pictures of you on a golf court? Did you pay the guards to let you out for a moment to deceive us? Is it even you on those pictures? Your time of lying and manipulating is over! OVER I TELL YOU!

edit: I actually forget the link to Speedcat Hollydale

Friday, June 29, 2007

Discrimination is not funny

Just like the great Jesus who once divided the ocean into two separate pieces (wait, that was Mohammed…) I will split my blog into two pieces aswell! Just as Microsoft chose to block my site (on the Windows safety filter) and hence discriminate people who like reading Random Crap, I will discriminate people who don’t like Random Crap!

What people?
You all know who I’m talking about, but no one has had the guts to speak up yet… Before you ask, no, it’s not the Jews. I mean sure they’re not always that great, and they’re mainly a bunch of asocial secluded asses who think they’re better than us, but I usually don’t discriminate people who have money. That would go against everything I stand for! And by God do I stand by my principles, until the right offer comes along ofcourse.

The kind of people I’m talking about are the ones that find family guy STILL funny after 3 series, the ones that watch Leno EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! The people that laugh when you make a joke about shit or pee. These people are a menace to society and should be dealt with. Too long has our comedy been mainly aimed towards the mass, when the mass just isn’t funny!

Die Endlösung
We must exterminate all non funny people immediately, preferably in a rather humorous way. The best way to achieve this would be a parody on world war II, but only slightly funnier. (Germans have no sense of humor) Since I’ve already done the parody thing, what other ideas would you have to kill off not so funny people in a funny way?

Not so funny people in a funny death:
  1. Get Mr. T to do it (no matter what happens, it’s always funny, even after 20 years!)
  2. Get Conan O’brien to pull a lever, and kill the victim with a Chuck Norris video. (yes, that’s all it takes…)
  3. Get Bill O’reilly to lecture about impartiality in a TV-show and give the other guy a gun. (whoever he shoots, win/win)
  4. Any of the Jackass stunts
Note: Everyone who comments on "It was Moses, not Mohammed!" deserves to die just as much as someone who likes Oprah.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Microsoft Finds me Offensive

Yesterday I received this message from one of my readers: Windows Parental Controls has blocked access to this webpage. HTTP 450 What you can try: If you want access to this website, you will need permission. Ask an administrator for permission.
Basically, the parental control filter in Windows Vista flagged my blog as inappropriate for children. While I obviously see the benefits of such a filter, I also see a violation of our free speech. Upon researching this, (that means asking a single coder) I’ve discovered that the program is led by a bunch of conservative American Christians who love to selectively filter out crap to “save” your children.

This will obviously have a negative effect on my blog traffic. So instead of removing every single “offensive” word on my blog, I’ll do the opposite and add some “fucking” more!
I seriously wonder on what other software I’m flagged upon as offensive, so I’ll do some efforts to getting flagged on other shit aswell now. (Don’t you press the “flag as offensive” button on blogger you asshole…!”) I’ll even make a list of services that have recognized me to be offensive, bad mannered or plain evil.

Crazy American Christian services Word Triggering test: Fuck, shit, happiness, porn, sex, socialism, poverty, islam, the jews, Buddha, Mohammed, Every other channel but FOX news

PS: If you know of a software/whatever that flagged me as inappropriate than please notify me so I can add it to my to be made list. Help Random Crap in it's struggle against Bill Gates!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Link love for other blogs

For my newest idea, I’m particularly counting on your input. Do you own a blog/site, and would you like to get a free link in a post about your blog? I imagined you’d think there’s a catch, but there really isn’t. There’s no requirements of linking back to me whatsoever and there’s no payment involved either.

Seriously dude, what’s the catch?

Fine… the ‘catch’ is that I’ll be writing a review on your site using the wonderful Random Crap style! That’s right, expect irony, satire absurdum and a very selective comprehension of information on your site. I will consider anyone’s requests, and will also expect them to be mature when they read the final post that shows up in my blog. I never censor things out and I’ll also never let you read my post in advance, just so you know :-)

For information on how to contact me, click this link. I’ll respond to every request, but do remember that I’m not a robot… it’s not a guarantee that I’ll “review” your blog, but it’s worth a shot isn’t it?

Random Crap’s doctrine!

I First of all feel like I somehow need to explain why I suddenly want to create a doctrine. It has come to my attention that reader activity has been dropping significantly these days. It seem like my having fantastic inspiration isn’t working very well at all. So will installing a doctrine improve my terribly low ratings? Ofcourse, you might say that it was my fault for not posting in the weekends, but in my doctrine your opinion only counts when you post a comment. (talk about a difference between other doctrines!)

The Ten Commandments of a blogging doctrine

  • I am the Lord thy God.
  • Thou shalt not read the scriptures of other bloggers, if you do read them (and hence ignore my perfect authority), you shall do it with a critical eye. You will by all means ignore common sense and logic when defending Random Crap!
  • Thou shalt not make thyself an attentionwhore. Only two things deserve attention on this blog. The (upgraded to) divinely inspired blog author, and the divinely screwed over part of society. If you do not fit into any of these categories, you’re obviously extremely fat, and hence actually belong in the second category.
  • Thou shalt not make wrongful use of the name of thy God. From now on, the polite phrases “I just stepped into dog crap” and “I’m gonna take a crap” will be replaced by their more vulgar synonyms.
  • Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. In essence, the sabbath is whichever damn day I choose to do nothing at all! You will not complain about my laziness, and infact keep the blog alive by posting comments and putting in extra efforts of advertising me in the blogosphere. Even if it seems like I’ll probably never return.
  • Thou shalt not steal. All of my divine godliness is here for your usage, however I demand some link love when being quoted! Preferably, adding my stories to digg and other services would be greatly rewarded aswell in the second life (which probably means video blogging)
  • Thou shalt not lie, except when defending the idealogical purpose of Random Crap. Lying also does not cover selectively comprehending things.
  • Thou shalt wonder where the two other commandments are, and will not suspect me of laziness or lack of inspiration, for I am divine.

Purpose of a Random Crap Doctrine

I did not write this to make fun of the innocent and charismatic followers of modern day’s doctrines. I therefore would like to throw all responsibility and accountability of going to hell away from me due to misinterpretation of the text.

So why did I make this thing? Purely due to Financial reasons… a doctrine is a very nice way of getting some extra bucks.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Captian Obvious’ helping blogs

Hey everyone, here at random crap we’re always trying to come up with new and useful resources to help make you the number 1 blogger on the net! Today we’re going to look at inspiration and how you can use it to improve your blog.

Let your imagination work!

The key to success is a firm imagination. A good and healthy imagination can help make any organization top notch. In fact business’ like microsoft, Apple and IBM are all run by giant geeks with a great imagination. There’s absolutely no shame in being creative, that is if you’re going to become a billionair because of it.

Implement your inspiration

So you spent some time on imaginating and came up with an awesome idea? Great work! The next step is implementing this into your blog. Press “new post”, write your content, and then press “publish” after rereading the creation of your inspiration. Your readers will now be inspired by your inspiration and will contribute more to your blog making it one step closer to the number 1 blog!

Keep on imaginating

Your work is never complete, you ALWAYS have to keep on imaginating to get great inspiration (or in my case random crap) for your blog! The minute you stop relying on you inspiration and start relying on paid posts (by services as reviewme and others), yYou WILL lose none of your readers at all, and even still gain readers.

So use inspiration for just aslong as you get rich.