Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Link love for other blogs

For my newest idea, I’m particularly counting on your input. Do you own a blog/site, and would you like to get a free link in a post about your blog? I imagined you’d think there’s a catch, but there really isn’t. There’s no requirements of linking back to me whatsoever and there’s no payment involved either.

Seriously dude, what’s the catch?

Fine… the ‘catch’ is that I’ll be writing a review on your site using the wonderful Random Crap style! That’s right, expect irony, satire absurdum and a very selective comprehension of information on your site. I will consider anyone’s requests, and will also expect them to be mature when they read the final post that shows up in my blog. I never censor things out and I’ll also never let you read my post in advance, just so you know :-)

For information on how to contact me, click this link. I’ll respond to every request, but do remember that I’m not a robot… it’s not a guarantee that I’ll “review” your blog, but it’s worth a shot isn’t it?


Speedcat Hollydale said...

I am scared...but I will laugh at myself if you try this with my site.

(I got the pass code = nc4ct9gc) Ha!!

Speedcat Hollydale Page

Cod.E. said...

yep, that is scary. as long as it makes me laugh that is ok and it still have sense.

Tim said...

@speedcat hollydale: I could try your site if you want... seems possible

@cod.e: Your site seems slightly harder to do... but I'll see if I can come up with something this week.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

OK...and I will review it for last week too - it stinks! :-)

If you do decide to give my site a go, at least give me the benefit of the "June Archives". I think I did a couple of alright posts.

As of late, my blog is turd water.

SPeedy on the ROadog

Tim said...

...sorry... too late :-P