Friday, July 27, 2007

Random Crap gets a new writer!

Yes, I have officially become THAT lazy. This new australian writer is not particularly funny, but he's still learning! Try to not treat him with the same kind of hatred and lurking you've treated me in the past. (you bastards!)

Yay, New Random Crap!

Indeed, I once again promise to increase my posting activity. And will eventually break that promise again. But the fact that I'm honest about it increases my credibility as a blogger right? Right?

What will he be posting about?

He's one of those people who doesn't like the current and awesome state of the world, and will most likely be posting about that. I mean, what's wrong with the current rich/poor ratio? I mean I'm rich right? Right?

Welcome Cynical! Welcome!


terri said...

Seriously, it's been MONTHS! Are you never coming back????

Tim said...

haha yeah... But I might make a more static random crap site so I don't have to come up with stuff every freaking day :D

Good to see someone cares though :p