Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Random Crap’s fun pause!

Because Random Crap is tired of coming up with funny crap all the time, posting will be on hold for a while. The reason is this: It’s vacation, the birds are singing and the women are screaming for attention. I know this goes against one of my own commandments, but I’m pretty sure Jesus broke the 10 commandments aswell (I’ll post about that sometime). What should you do when I’m gone? Preferably, write awesome content for my blog to keep it going and to make me filthy rich!

Unfortunately that probably won’t happen, so I suggest you go to a random crap clinic while I’m gone. (you’ll find one in [insert smelly city here] Detroit. (damnit!)
There are however a few things anyone can help me with. During my pause I’ll write a buffer of posts so I won’t have to take a pause anymore and will have something semi-decent atleast every day.

So what do I need?

  • More feedback on anything
  • Boobies... I mean inspiration. If you want me to write on something just ask.

The pause should normally not last very long...


terri said...

Ok. Review me, please!

Tim said...

I will... and it will be most contrary, terri...

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I await this review like a storm brewin` on a summer evening. "Tornado Watch" in Crapdom.

Terri: You have class!
Tim: You seem to have something here.

-Speedcat H.-