Thursday, April 12, 2007

Controlled Democracy

We all know our fellow human is getting dumber and dumber and that our sources of fine and lettered reading are becoming increasingly harder to find. Therefore we are, in the upcoming elections, largely dependant on a group of dumb people (And I’m not even talking about congress)
This calls for some drastic measurements to save our world from stupidity!

A person who wishes to become a registered voter must first take an IQ test. The person’s score will be anonymously uploaded onto his electronic voting card without his score being revealed to him.

The following rules will then apply:

- If the person has a score of over 100, his vote will count.

- If the person’s score is between 90-100 it won’t count

- If the score is under 90 it will count as a negative vote for who ever he voted for.

The same criteria count for elected politicians. If they don’t match an IQ of over 100, they’re fired!

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