Monday, April 9, 2007

The purpose of Random Crap

Ever wondered how much money and time you'd save if you got crap for free? The gossip in tabloids and various magazines, the cry for attention from all kinds of religious cults, the silly things man does to be noticed, ...,
You've all witnessed how annoying it can be - and if you haven't you're one of them! - and therefore I offer you a solution! I'll give you that crap for free, without taking too much of your time and making you:
- armed against crap (I will do my best to sell my crap and you'll have to be critical against it)
- save money (Why buy magazines or donate money to cults when you can get their crap for free in here!)
- my bitch (This is your first lesson, try to defend yourself from this!)

I know what you're thinking right now, I'm wasting your time... and truthfully, yes I am. But if you don't waste it here than you'll just waste it somewhere else (Unless you're a doctor, Chuck Norris or superman).

Feel free to comment some crap.

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