Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The earth is flat!

I saw the light. Yes, raw intelligence and persuasion at its best have lead me to believe that the earth is indeed flat. No, not believe… I KNOW for a fact that the earth is flat! NASA and the governments of every single country in the world have fooled us for too long. I will do my utmost best to spread out the word!

If you’re wondering why you’ve never seen a photo of the flat earth model, it’s because NASA fakes all of the round earth pictures. You haven’t seen the giant ice wall holding our atmosphere because it’s being closely guarded too (and we’re not going to complain about air being thinner than ice and therefore leaving the ice wall!). Why on earth would they do such a thing? We don’t know, but we presume it’s money!

What about the stars?

The sun and the moon are each 32 miles in diameter. They circle around the Earth at 3000 miles altitude. Their functions are similar to a spotlight, with the sun radiating hot light and the moon radiating cold light. Being spotlights, they only shine out over a small area. This explains the process of day and night!

All of the problems you still have with this theory that I haven’t yet addressed, you can ask on this splendid forum and I’m sure they’ll be delighted at you taking an interest in their marvellous theory!

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oarsof6 said...

I thought satire was supposed to be funny :p