Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Gay Bomb weapon

As you may all know, the Americans attempted to build a gay bomb back in the 90’s which would make their foes irresistible to each other. After the drop, all men having had contact with the gay bomb would immediately have contact with uhm… other men.

However this weapon was never finished. Or was it? Recent reports proving the opposite have caused public suspicions even within the UN. When asked about the weapon President Bush subtly avoids the question “Gays? Where!?”.

We at the Random Crap news team decided to investigate and have come up with some disturbing news.

A giant wave of homosexuality has been spotted in France. This wave is so huge it could only have come from the gay bomb. Is this the start of a new world war? Probably not, the men of France are currently occupied with other things than waging war and the women are massively emigrating to Germany. Stay tuned for more news!