Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ban violent games

Nowadays it appears to be normal for our kids to play games in which the purpose is to kill your fellow man. Games such as GTA and Counter-Strike corrupt our children’s minds. For too long have our children been allowed to play these violent video games!

There’s a direct link between the popularity of GTA and the amount of traffic violations!

As you can clearly see, and graphs never lie, there’s been an increase in car accidents after the distribution of GTA. We thereby strive to take this game out of the shops, drastically decreasing our yearly traffic victims.

The popular game Counter-strike has been directly responsible for the recent rise of terrorism throughout the world. Everyone who plays terrorists in this popular game has a 77.42% increased chance of becoming a terrorist, while there’s only a 33.81% increased chance of working for the secret service. This game is an outrage and for national security reasons every copy of this game has to be destroyed immediately!

I hope for the sake of our children and national security we’ll end the reign of these terrible games and replace them with religious games about the adventures of Jesus and Mozes.

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