Thursday, April 19, 2007

South Park Episode 09x01

Inspired by the South Park episode 01 of season 09, or “Mister Garrison’s fancy new vagina”, I’ve concluded the following things.

Sometimes people are born in the wrong body, and hence are greatly saddened by this apparently terrible mistake of nature. It’s a really natural thing to want to have a penis instead of a vagina, or the best of both worlds. Luckily for these poor nature-screwed people, there is something called “cosmetic surgery”.

This fantastic ethical business provides you with a new chance, a new beginning. The dawn of a new era as a woman, or a man. If done professionally, no one will notice the difference between you and any other ugly woman meaning you can go out and get your pussy pounded without anyone noticing you’re a dude! For a fair price of a generous 5 figure number, you can change your life, on the outside!

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