Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Captian Obvious’ helping blogs

Hey everyone, here at random crap we’re always trying to come up with new and useful resources to help make you the number 1 blogger on the net! Today we’re going to look at inspiration and how you can use it to improve your blog.

Let your imagination work!

The key to success is a firm imagination. A good and healthy imagination can help make any organization top notch. In fact business’ like microsoft, Apple and IBM are all run by giant geeks with a great imagination. There’s absolutely no shame in being creative, that is if you’re going to become a billionair because of it.

Implement your inspiration

So you spent some time on imaginating and came up with an awesome idea? Great work! The next step is implementing this into your blog. Press “new post”, write your content, and then press “publish” after rereading the creation of your inspiration. Your readers will now be inspired by your inspiration and will contribute more to your blog making it one step closer to the number 1 blog!

Keep on imaginating

Your work is never complete, you ALWAYS have to keep on imaginating to get great inspiration (or in my case random crap) for your blog! The minute you stop relying on you inspiration and start relying on paid posts (by services as reviewme and others), yYou WILL lose none of your readers at all, and even still gain readers.

So use inspiration for just aslong as you get rich.

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