Thursday, June 28, 2007

Microsoft Finds me Offensive

Yesterday I received this message from one of my readers: Windows Parental Controls has blocked access to this webpage. HTTP 450 What you can try: If you want access to this website, you will need permission. Ask an administrator for permission.
Basically, the parental control filter in Windows Vista flagged my blog as inappropriate for children. While I obviously see the benefits of such a filter, I also see a violation of our free speech. Upon researching this, (that means asking a single coder) I’ve discovered that the program is led by a bunch of conservative American Christians who love to selectively filter out crap to “save” your children.

This will obviously have a negative effect on my blog traffic. So instead of removing every single “offensive” word on my blog, I’ll do the opposite and add some “fucking” more!
I seriously wonder on what other software I’m flagged upon as offensive, so I’ll do some efforts to getting flagged on other shit aswell now. (Don’t you press the “flag as offensive” button on blogger you asshole…!”) I’ll even make a list of services that have recognized me to be offensive, bad mannered or plain evil.

Crazy American Christian services Word Triggering test: Fuck, shit, happiness, porn, sex, socialism, poverty, islam, the jews, Buddha, Mohammed, Every other channel but FOX news

PS: If you know of a software/whatever that flagged me as inappropriate than please notify me so I can add it to my to be made list. Help Random Crap in it's struggle against Bill Gates!

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