Friday, June 29, 2007

Discrimination is not funny

Just like the great Jesus who once divided the ocean into two separate pieces (wait, that was Mohammed…) I will split my blog into two pieces aswell! Just as Microsoft chose to block my site (on the Windows safety filter) and hence discriminate people who like reading Random Crap, I will discriminate people who don’t like Random Crap!

What people?
You all know who I’m talking about, but no one has had the guts to speak up yet… Before you ask, no, it’s not the Jews. I mean sure they’re not always that great, and they’re mainly a bunch of asocial secluded asses who think they’re better than us, but I usually don’t discriminate people who have money. That would go against everything I stand for! And by God do I stand by my principles, until the right offer comes along ofcourse.

The kind of people I’m talking about are the ones that find family guy STILL funny after 3 series, the ones that watch Leno EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! The people that laugh when you make a joke about shit or pee. These people are a menace to society and should be dealt with. Too long has our comedy been mainly aimed towards the mass, when the mass just isn’t funny!

Die Endlösung
We must exterminate all non funny people immediately, preferably in a rather humorous way. The best way to achieve this would be a parody on world war II, but only slightly funnier. (Germans have no sense of humor) Since I’ve already done the parody thing, what other ideas would you have to kill off not so funny people in a funny way?

Not so funny people in a funny death:
  1. Get Mr. T to do it (no matter what happens, it’s always funny, even after 20 years!)
  2. Get Conan O’brien to pull a lever, and kill the victim with a Chuck Norris video. (yes, that’s all it takes…)
  3. Get Bill O’reilly to lecture about impartiality in a TV-show and give the other guy a gun. (whoever he shoots, win/win)
  4. Any of the Jackass stunts
Note: Everyone who comments on "It was Moses, not Mohammed!" deserves to die just as much as someone who likes Oprah.


Abdalla said...

It was Moses (Peace be upon him) not Muhammad (Peace & Blessings upon him). "Get Your Facts Right" Dummy!

Btw Nice Blog. you should review mine with your un-orthodox style (

Tim said...

I'll put you to my "considering list". I just reviewed another blog so just see if you liked that one first :)

Anonymous said...

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