Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Blogging Branch of Random Crap

After my biggest fan (mister SpeedCatHollydale) mentioned that Random Crap was “the best in the biz”, I wondered what “the biz” actually was. I mean obviously if there’s a biz than no doubt am I topping it. (yes, I said obviously AND no doubt!) But lets say there are other funny, humorous and satirical blogs out there filled with awesome yet totally random crap…

I wish to know if I am the first person ever to post random crap on a blog (regarding of the actual meaning of the word for a slight second). I mean if so… I am a pioneer and an international hero! I am the destructor of boredom with the mighty powers of irony and absurdum combined into one very effective yet highly annoying weapon.

Yes, it isn’t easy to do what I do. So if there’s anyone else that does have the same repetitive content and the same type of slightly mentally disturbed readers I’d love to read their content… so I can mock their tiny attempt of a creation to copy the master!

If anyone knows similar blogs than please notify me by still the same e-mail, a comment, or on mybloglog.

PS: Please don’t link me to fark dot com, that would be particularly mean.

Crapdom, the exploiter of boredom and protector of crap.

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