Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Stealing from Slash dot org

After having read the article below, I, author of Random Crap, have sworn my allegiance to save mankind from such retarded structures. Sure a structure has a certain purpose… but when thinking an apartment’s only function is housing, and than making it shaped like a giant dildo, results into lots of complaints upon completion.

One of these silly structures has again been slightly more in the media recently, I’m ofcourse referring to the famous American “space rocket shield”. The idea is that this space shield will fly around the earth, shooting down every incoming bomb/airplane that poses a threat to the US. What both the Russians and the Americans know (and now all of you!), is that one can simply shoot thousands of leaden pipes into space to cause some serious damage to the so called “space shield”.

Ofcourse me NOT being an American, and knowing that this piece of weaponry will NOT result into me being a slave to the superior owners of the crappy rocket shield… Causes me to smile when I know it’s not wasting my tax money :)

But what’s more important than a revival of the cold war, is that I can make up buildings with similar problems aswell!

Nope, actually I can’t… I tried to, I really did but it just wasn’t funny. I guess this post is finished than.


- Nuke-Proof Bunker Turns Out Not Waterproof

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