Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I love blogging

One of the great things about blogging is the freedom, the billions of dollars you can make (total Random Crap revenue 0.03$!) and the nice work hours. Yes, blogging is the life…

However there’s another great advantage about blogging. Anyone of you ever managed an online community? After managing that, you truly appreciate the beauty of blogging, mainly because you don’t have a large community of assholes creating havoc all the freaking time! What makes blogging so great is that these people are degraded to “readers”, and only have the option to post a comment (which they’d better do to avoid some serious name calling btw!).

Yes, I guess we all agree… you have to have somewhat of a backbone to read my blog. But I’m doing this with an eye for the future. I’m doing it for you!

My goal is to scare off all of the potentially uptight/annoying people and hence I’m targeting on the cool people only! I mean seriously, which one of you would want to see: “You brutal man! I repeat sentences because I have a bad hearing, not because I’m dumb!” in a comment? Sure I know I’m taking a lot of fun away from my readers but it’s for you own good!

All-knowing as I am… I understand you want to make fun of things aswell. So if I get enough feedback, I’ll upgrade my readers again to more than just readers (I’d call them minions but I’ll go for contributors!) I’ll let you choose topics/people or even use quotes of you if I find you to be amusing. Obviously, I expect you to not become an asshole who causes havoc by interacting with people though…

You can e-mail me on or just leave a comment for anything you hate and would want to see annihilated.

Btw, I have very little standards towards ethics… (I’m kidding, I only don’t do racist jokes so don’t ask for that)


Speedcat Hollydale said...

I would like to see J-Lo torn to shreds so I could stop being in love with her. That would ease my pain.
SpeedyCat Hollyville

Tim said...

Hmm J-lo... I'd make fun of her ass but she (and the rest of the world) likes the fatness of it :(
Even britney doesn't get away with having a fat ass :o

terri said...

The main pain in my ass right now are overbearing parents living vicariously through their children who play sports. Could you trash on them?

Otherwise... Rosie O'Donnell would work for me!

Community Building Blog said...

I love the way you are getting your readers more involved in your blog - a great way to get your community buzzing!

- Martin Reed