Sunday, June 17, 2007

The new thingy

This post is part of my series of "Whoa, that IS annoying!". The main purpose of this post is to enlighten people with how annoying certain things are. After reading these posts, one will come to the final feeling of "Whoa, that IS annoying!", thus explaining the title.

Part 1: Bloggers

If you find reporters disgusting people, than you no doubt hate bloggers. These horrible, too lazy to get a decent hobby/job, monsters often make money off telling you what to do. Sure you say, lots of people make money of telling me what to do? But some bloggers actually don’t have anything to say, and thus consequently make money off wasting your precious time! This precious time would otherwise be spent on reading literature, losing weight, helping the poor and meeting acquaintances.

It’s fairly easy to pick out the honest and fair bloggers such as myself, who write only for the sake of mankind. Without us, the world would be filled with corruption, war, disease, poverty and… (what else goes wrong in the world?) and Paris Hilton!

So save the world and support the honest bloggers. Read my blog, make me happy and comment on what annoys you in this world!

And now for the slow and easily amused people who read my blog…

I’m implying that all bloggers are a bunch of retards crying for attention, including myself. And that by reading this you surely have wasted your time.

“Whoa, that IS annoying!”

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