Friday, June 22, 2007

Single mothers

This post is part of random crap’s series of "Whoa, that IS annoying!". The main purpose of this post is to enlighten people with how annoying certain crap is. After reading these posts, one will come to the final feeling of "Whoa, that IS annoying!", thus explaining the title. Yes, these posts always have quite an inspirational clue!

The modern image of a single mother is the following: An independent, very determined women who got screwed over by some jerk that knocked her up and chickened out. This image, often promoted by filthy feminists clearly degrades women and I’ll even prove it.

Exhibit A: Using the term “independent and very determined women” emphasizes that it is a rather rare thing. Due to all of the emotional weaknesses of women, feminists feel like they have to put an emphasis on the ‘determination’ and ‘independence’ of the few women that aren’t cry-babies. This achieves a quite nasty effect though, because females will associate independence and determination with being single mothers.

Exhibit B: “Who got screwed over by some jerk that knocked her up and chickened out

What have we learnt from exhibit A? That’s right, if you want to be independent and determined, you need to raise a baby alone! We’ve also learnt that this is because female independence is a rare thing. The jerk that knocked her up (he still is a jerk, because he was never going to call her again though) wants to give his new found love some moral and financial support. Obviously being independent and determined as few females are… the female decides to ignore and even dump the jerk!


Lots of single moms who think they rule the world with their determinedness and independence! They think they can pair up on the pedestrian crossing making you have to go slightly to the right to avoid walking against a baby, those horrible filthy smelly feminists! (yes, this is actually the reason why I wrote this)

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