Monday, June 18, 2007

Part two: Questions that repeat

I think we can all agree that Random Crap has made enough jokes about fat people, there must be around a million great fat jokes already anyway… WRONG! There are never enough fat jokes… But because we all eventually have to move on I decided to pick a different topic and regardless of how wrong it is to stop making fat jokes by God I will talk about this topic!

What’s the one thing that’s worse than fat people eating in front of you? Well yes, obviously it’s fat people exercising in front of you, but enough with the whole picking on obese people. (which is how they make it a nicer term)

I’m ofcourse talking about people who ask questions that repeat the content of whatever the hell you just said. Small example:

“Tom just got a haircut.” -> “Did Tom just get a haircut?” (with lots of intonation) -> “Yes you stupid bitch, I just said so!”

I find this so extremely annoying that I just avoid talking to people who have posed such stupid questions in the past. I have literally taken large diversions to avoid talking to said identified people. It’s embarrassing not only for the person but also for me, who has the say: “yes, that is indeed what I just said…”.

Either people don’t trust my sources of information and are hence forced to ask for a second opinion, and with the lack of other people standing there they ask me twice … Or these people have no social skills whatsoever, and make conversation by repeating whatever you say.

Personally, I think it’s option 2… and that IS annoying

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